Radnor Township Republicans

The Radnor Township Republican Party endeavors to create a powerful positive influence in Radnor Township, Delaware County, and Pennsylvania through efforts to elect responsible candidates, register new Republican voters, mobilize existing Republican voters, and communicate with all voters regarding the important governance issues impacting the Township.


A message from our Chairman:

Welcome to the official website of the Radnor Township Republican Party. The Radnor Republican Party believes in effective, efficient and responsive local government for our Township and School District governing bodies. We are proud of our officials and candidates who implement good governance policies and programs and which provide exceptional cost-effective services to our community. 

We support our county, state and federal candidates who espouse the Republican values of a limited federal government, strong national defense and the supremacy of individual liberty.  Join or support our team – we are all committed to continuing to shape our community and school district as an exceptional place to live, work, play and raise our families.


​Howard Gartland

Chairman, Radnor Township GOP