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Radnor Township Republicans

Let's work together.

Welcome to the official website of the Radnor Township Republican Party, a member of the Delaware County Republican Party and Pennsylvania Republican Party.

School Board Informational Meeting: Radnor Republicans
Jan. 16, 2023 @7pm ET

In 2023, Radnor will be electing five school board members to four year terms. These School Board Directors serve as the strategic leadership for our school district setting policy, creating budgets and hiring senior leadership in the district.

The Radnor Republican committee will be hosting an informational meeting on these important roles and responsibilities on Monday January 16th @ 7 pm ET.  If you are interested in learning more about these positions and the roles and responsibilities therein please join our virtual call.


In order to register for the event, please email to: and we will send a link to the meeting.

A message from our Chairman:

Welcome to the official website of the Radnor Township Republican Party. The Radnor Republican Party believes in effective, efficient and responsive local government for our Township and School District governing bodies. We are proud of our officials and candidates who implement good governance policies and programs and which provide exceptional cost-effective services to our community. 

We support our county, state and federal candidates who espouse the Republican values of a limited federal government, strong national defense and the supremacy of individual liberty.  Join or support our team – we are all committed to continuing to shape our community and school district as an exceptional place to live, work, play and raise our families.


​Howard Gartland

Chairman, Radnor Township GOP

General Election Info:

Where is my polling place in Radnor? Click here or

contact the Delaware County Office of Voter Registration for your polling place at 610-891-4659.

Mailing in?

Make your vote count.

Read all instructions that come with your ballot.

Confused? The Delaware County Election Hotline (610-891-VOTE) is operational Mon. through Fri., 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Request a Mail-In or
Absentee Ballot

Radnor Voting Information

If you are not sure of your voting precinct, you can check your new voting location by using your address.

Mail-in Voter registration forms may be obtained at public libraries (Radnor Memorial Library), PA State Liquor Stores, and government offices.

Register to vote, find your local polling place, apply for an absentee

ballot, and contact your election office.

You must be a registered voter to submit an application. You may check whether you are registered to vote in Pennsylvania using Find Voter Registration Status.


Join us! We can't win without you.

Volunteer to help. Email us at We will get you in touch with your neighborhood committee person for training and materials, such as signs, pamphlets, and election day efforts.

Join our newsletter list serve by emailing

Be in-the-know about the latest news and upcoming events, averaging once a month.

Interested in running for office, in Radnor or elsewhere? Email us at and we will get you all the detail you need.

Note: We respect your privacy and keep your personal information confidential. We will not share your email with any external entities.

Where is my polling place in Radnor Township?

Get the most up-to-date info by clicking here or contact the Delaware County Office of Voter Registration for your polling place at 610-891-4659.

What ward do I live in?

Click on "Radnor Township Ward Maps" to find a document outlining the boundaries of each ward in Radnor Township.

How do I vote and return my mail-in or absentee ballot?

Click here for general steps on how to vote, prepare, and return your mail ballot. Be sure to follow the instructions included with your ballot. Contact your county election office if you have any questions.

Under Pennsylvania law, voters must return their own ballots. The only exceptions to this are for voters with a disability who have designated someone in writing to deliver their ballot."

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Signs Matter

Your local Radnor Republicans have signs, please let us know if you would like to show your support for our great candidates by planting lawn signs.

Please email us at with your sign request.

Want to vote early for any election?  Apply for your mail-in ballot here:

Join us!

Reach out with any requests.

We are here to listen and help.

P.O. Box 163 
Wayne, PA 19087

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