A Delco vaccine site deserves praise but highlights the strange scramble under Pa.’s baffling suburb

Updated: Mar 23

Philadelphia Inquirer Opinion | 3/20/21

This fawning reporter extols Delco Dems for the new vaccine site at Penn Medicine in Radnor. The only problem is that Penn Medicine reports that they have no vaccines and won’t for 4-6 weeks. The legacy of Dr. Levine lives on! See https://view.www2.pennmedicine.org/?qs=4858e388b19bbfdae0b82fdd8b741b5dd5e69421d19ee0c64213996e281ccc913a11e3dd08235e1844357e52076c8c46c5ea5487e441431c20be491166b2e9c560f072fd5f8469f5c4ca422fdb8aafd0

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